Sticks Part 1
Bar Snatcher Scene

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Bar SnactersEdit

Thomas Asked A Bartender Rick Came from the toilet and he buys a bar And then, Thomas jumps on him shouts "DIE BITCH!" And Tries To Kill Him

Super Mario BrosEdit

Mario And Luigi Standing outside of their house and mario said "Luigi?"

Justin BieberEdit

Justin Bieber Sings Baby When a man pulls out a gun

Drinks Of ColoursEdit

Tim Asked His Father Is His Bottle Full Of Pee


Doug Is On The Phone as Skeeter Comes In And Doug Screams "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BLUE?"

Movie AskingEdit

Rick Is Asking The Movie's Name And Ian Told Him To Shut Up Rick Agreed But He wanted To Know The movie is

The Simpsons Edit

Homer replies bart to take out the trash But, Bart Shouted "Eat My Shorts" And Homer Said "Why You Little" As He Choked Bart And A OfHomer Is In Jail And The Message "Homer In Jail, 20 Years Of Child Abuse" Is Shown

Deleted ScenesEdit

Yogi BearEdit

A Man Shouted "Where Is My Damn Food?"

Toy StoryEdit

Woody Asks Buzz to fly But His Wings can't Start

Airport MadnessEdit

Thomas Is Going To An Other Planet But, The Airport Master Asked Him What's In His Suitcase Until He Turned Him Into His Self


Everything Was good cause the thumbnail of the Bar Snatcher Scene

Justin Bieber Appeared